- a little help in the recovering of the body
- cellulite massage for the critical spots
- lavastone massage: coming soon (with really hot stones!)

Nutritional supplements

Nutrition in the subject of health: It is quite difficult to eat healthy in nowdays if the vitamins in vegetables and fruits are sixty percent less than it were twenty years ago. The consumption of dietary supplements are nearly indispensable for our health.

Personal trainings

- if the group exercises time is not good for you
- if you are a beginer
- if you were sick or you has some traumas
- if you want to work alone
- if you need a personal trainings plan

Please call me: +36 (20) 230 2132

Training for professional sportclub or athletes

Fitness trainings: With the experiences of thirty years of competitive sports, along side with my educations and of course with a professional instructor team we can take on the preparations of professional and competitive sportsmen.